Measure athlete brand value

with Hybrid Social Intelligence

200 million+ sports related posts
generated on social media every day

Fans & professionals share
their feelingsopinionsfeedback  

95% of purchasing decisions are emotionally driven

What is PowerScore

PowerScore (PS) is a premier marketability index for athlete brand value assessment. It is a cloud-based solution powered by D-TAG Analytics with interactive visualizations and data that provide nuanced social intelligence insights in real time.

PowerScore is accessible on any device, powerful, and easy to use. No technical setup is required from the Client.

<br>What is PowerScore

Marketability index for
athlete brand value

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Key Client Benefits

Key Client Benefits

✓  Analyze millions of fan conversations in 30+ languages, real time

✓  Identify rising brand value of athletes before anyone else

✓  Track the perception of fan favorite players

✓  Evaluate the value of athletes in player transfers

✓  Combat high-risk actions of players on social media

Trusted by world-class brands and organizations

Discover rising athletes first

D-TAG processes and analyzes millions of unstructured data points from multiple on-court and off-court sources to help you measure pro athlete marketability.

  • What athletes do fans and professionals talk about?
  • Why do they support particular brands & teams?
  • Who are the key opinion leaders?
  • Which athletes are rising stars?
  • What news impacts signature deals?
  • How are the latest sponsorships perceived?
<br>Discover rising athletes first

PowerScore gives you the answers

  • Real-time consumer insights
  • On-court & Off-court KPIs
  • Personal brand values
  • Reputation tracking
  • Brand monitoring
  • Automated alerts
  • AI & NLP technology
  • Social media metrics
  • Object-level sentiments
  • Athlete marketability trends

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