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Social intelligence for
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Discover deep patient insights with
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Our goal is to help you identify and understand fact and feeling-based drivers of purchases by providing cutting-edge analytics & social media intelligence solutions.

“To an organization trying to survive and thrive in today's environment, having a thorough understanding and comprehensive access to social media intelligence is as important as having all five senses to any living organism.

There can be no complete business intelligence without adequate social intelligence.”

  • Sentiment analysis

    Find out exactly what people think and feel about your brand, in 30+ languages

  • Verifiable forecasts

    Predict consumer behavior based on scalable metrics

  • Industry-specific language packs

    We understand the specific language and terminology of your industry

  • Advanced configuration

    Solutions tailored to your needs, with wide range of customization options

  • Best of both worlds

    The power of Artificial Intelligence combined with a qualified team of human experts

Our products

Sector-Nuance Dashboard

Sector-Nuance Dashboard

Powerful and intuitive social media intelligence
tailored to your sector

Deep Nuance Platform

Deep Nuance Platform

Dive deeper into the data with our next
generation analytics platform

Data Enrichment and Integration

Data Enrichment and Integration

Get new perspectives on your datasets by
enhancing it with additional demographic,
geographic, and behavioral information

Actionable Reports

Actionable Reports

Gain routine reports that you can share
with your clients and organization

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