Analyzing raw data can be a tedious process. Not to mention relevance, since you are looking at a collection of documents that only give you a general view of your target group, whether it’s your competitors or customers.

Are you past the point of defining the scope of your research and don’t want to get lost in a maze of insignificant details? Keep reading to find out how we can help you.

<br>Open new horizons

Open new horizons

With our Data Enrichment service, you get access to smart features that will save you time and energy while improving your results.

You will be able to track locations, source languages, gender sharing, mentions, authors, and influencers across different languages and regions.

What you get with Data Enrichment

  • Document-level sentiment

    Overall positive or negative mood of the document, both quantified numerical score and categorical designation

  • Entities

    Names, companies, products, places, and attractions discovered by the automated NLP function or defined by users

  • Sentiment score

    Using the context of descriptors (adjectives, adverbs, emotional expressions, negatives, enhancers), a weighted score is calculated

  • Automatic subject detection

    Our system automatically selects the most common terms, which allows you to automatically identify main topics

  • Object-level sentiment

    Individual mood directly affects objects in the text, both quantified numerical score and categorical designation

  • Topics

    Document set provided with topic IDs that allow users to narrow down or define the topic areas to be examined

  • Reach

    Total number of potential readers summed up with specified frequency corresponding to the specified topic defined by users

  • Machine Learning module setup

    Our system is able to train ML modules based on user's needs and integrate them into the processing workflow

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