1:00 pm - 6:30 pm CET
7:00 am - 12:30 pm ET


  • Overview of best practices, widgets, features, and workflow required to build a successful Pharma-Nuance Dashboard
  • Tips, tricks, and methodology to transform social intelligence into valuable business insights
  • Real-life case studies showing how social media intelligence delivers business value and ROI
  • How to build reports from Pharma-Nuance data to present the valuable findings for key stakeholders

after workshop completion

  • 7-day FREE trial to D-TAG's Pharma-Nuance Dashboard & support
  • Ongoing support by expert analytics team during the trial period
  • Recording of the full workshop in case you want to review anything
  • Workshop certificate that can be added and shared on LinkedIn
  • 15% discount on the annual Pharma-Nuance Dashboard plans

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"The D-TAG bootcamp has helped me to understand the important guardrails that need to be put in place for social media campaigns and adverse event detection."

Sonia Houston Pichardo
Co-Lead of Glossary Working Group, Trials@Home


"I never knew that online unstructured data could present such valuable information and opportunity for product strategy. Social Listening is a fantastic tool for developing consumer-centric products that will sell more."

Lourenço Maciel
COO, divbrands


"D-TAG showed us how Social Media Analysis can help to better understand our customer’s hidden motivations and needs to drive our product development on the right path. By understanding more of what our clients need, we are now more prepared, and demand driven in our communication as well."

Karoly Poor
General Manager & Co-Founder, Dataxo Group


“Our most prominent practice is the advisory of SME and large enterprises in innovation and change management challenges. As such, we are heavy users of technology. D-TAG not only has the people but the resources to make a difference for our customers, as 1) we use D-TAG to better predict what happens in markets and society, 2) we can validate the effects of campaigns and activities on these, and 3) D-TAG provides us with the unique expertise in this flourishing field of Social Intelligence - analyzing peoples’ conversations so we can concentrate on better reading their minds.”

Christian Kusmitsch, PhD
Founder & CEO, Mindset Technologies


“Our most recent Megatrends report’s results invite us to redesign our future: we are transitioning from a data economy towards a behavioral economy. We all know about the massive and sudden growth in volume and data that our daily lives generate, and now, via the use of complex capabilities, organizations can measure, understand, and shape consumer behavior. However, the regulatory compliance will pose a new challenge: participating in the behavioral economy being transparent to the consumers and earning their trust.”

Alberto Afiuni
Country Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

Want to know how to transform social data into real business value?

Join our Social Intelligence Pharma Workshop on March 16, 2023







13:00 – 13:50

Lesson 1

Introduction to Social Intelligence


13:50 – 14:00




14:00 – 14:50

Lesson 2

Insight & Foresight from Social Intelligence in Pharma


14:50 – 15:00




15:00 – 15:50

Lesson 3

The Potential Impact of Generative AI on the Pharma industry


15:50 – 16:10




16:10 – 17:00

Session 1

Putting Theory into Practice: How to Build a Pharma-Nuance Dashboard


17:00 – 17:10




17:10 – 18:00

Session 2

How to Track Your KPIs and Get the Insights You Need



LESSON 1. Introduction to Social Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence — What is it, and what it CAN and CANNOT do for your company?
  • Identifying business questions — and defining an approach to their answers in social content
  • Overview of Social Media Intelligence for the pharma sector
  • Definition vs. Discovery — pre-determined categories vs. machine-generated insight extraction from data
  • Extracting NUANCE: Choosing the RIGHT performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Law of General Relativity — benchmarking to the past and to competition
LESSON 2. Insight & Foresight from Social Intelligence in Pharma
  • Social Intelligence KPI’s for Pharma — should I care? If so, how much? And which ones?
  • Patient Journey and Social Intelligence
  • Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Events reporting — Social Intelligence benefits & challenges
  • Social Intelligence for pharma products — monitoring and reporting from drugdevelopment, through launch, to maturity
  • So what? Drawing conclusions and condensing social media metrics into insights
  • Now what? Formulating recommendations and advice based on feedback from the customer and the brand/product ecosystem. The customer is ALWAYS right.
LESSON 3. The Potential Impact of Generative AI on the Pharma industry
  • Brief introduction to generative AI technologies.
  • How generative AI started changing the drug discovery and development process since covid-19 pandemic.
  • We will explore four major areas of generative AI application in pharma i.e. drug discovery, computer vision for drug manufacturing, pharma marketing, clinical trials for drugs and personalized health care.
  • We will discuss how pharma industries are using generative AI currently and explore several generative AI tools available in the pharmaceutical industry that can help with drug discovery, chemical synthesis, and other applications.
  • Finally, data Challenges, data privacy, security, ethics, and transparency are the key challenges to adoption and development of these technologies in the highly regulated pharma industry will be discussed.
  • Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way that pharmaceutical companies are working and bringing products to market.


INTERACTIVE SESSION 1. Putting Theory into Practice: How to Build a Pharma-Nuance Dashboard
  • What is Pharma-Nuance Dashboard and why is it Nuanced
  • The benefits and capabilities of Pharma-Nuance
  • How do you set up your first dashboard
  • Comparison of 8 pharmaceutical topics and the data behind them
  • Overview of various widget types and the pharma widget library
  • How to combine different widgets and data sources on your dashboard
  • Dashboard features, roles of users, workflow, and best practices
INTERACTIVE SESSION 2. How to Track Your KPIs and Get the Insights You Need
  • Expectations from Social Data — managing and exceeding them
  • Sentiment Measurement and Sentiment Drivers
  • Taming the infinite — narrowing focus to what REALLY matters
  • The importance of longitudinal data — tracking and measuring changes over time
  • Discovered Themes — surfacing the voice of the customer by tracking ‘what else’ is said about brands and topics, addressing the ‘unknown unknowns’
  • How to track and monitor your Key Performance Indicator


CHRISTIAN Kusmitsch, PhD
CHRISTIAN Kusmitsch, PhD
CEO & Pharma Sector Consultant
Mindset Technologies

• Trusted advisor for 20+ pharma companies in EU
• Senior Partner and Managing Director at unlimited.ideas advisory
• Specialist in Innovation and R&D Funding
• PhD in Neuroscience and Environmental Psychology
• Management Consultant and Business Coach
• Expertise in Sales and Marketing and the implementation of related change in medium size to large companies
• Specialist for behavioral economics
• Insight & Foresight expert
• Certified Transnational Research, Technology and Innovation Manager

CSABA Dancsházy
CSABA Dancsházy
Founder & Head of Analytics
D-TAG Analytics

• 19+ years of social intelligence experience, including 7 years at Microsoft (Senior Market Research Manager) and 6 years at Cymfony/Kantar Media
• Predictive modeling of consumer behavior
• Direct and indirect consumer engagement
• Discovering and exploiting new avenues of inquiry
• Multicultural and cross-functional experience
• Platform Development Team Leader and Product Owner for several social intelligence projects
• Trainer of analyst teams and market research managers in using social data and generating actionable insights
• Extensive experience in project management, product development, and big data analytics (Elastic/Kibana, Cloudera Impala, Cognos, Tableau, Google data studio)
• Graduate of Harvard University

Data Scientist

• Sharvari Dhote is a multidisciplinary researcher turned data scientist.
• 15+ years of research experience in applied mathematics, modeling, simulation, product design and development, and assessed the impact of new technologies in Engineering. 
• Responsible for developing end-to-end ML pipelines for text and image classification tasks which includes creating high-quality datasets, performing data engineering, developing state-of-the-art NLP models, and deploying and monitoring them in production environments.
• Two PhDs in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto and the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
• Currently a team leader at Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP), interested in investigating NLP bias and fairness. She leads ML discussion groups on this topic.


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